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Book reviews are in process of being requested, received, and posted. There are about 140 books in circulation that have reviews to be received and shared. *** Calling all cars *** We need your reviews in before Thanksgiving 2018. Ever if you have only read a chapter or two, send something, even a thank you note is better than nothing. Smile!

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Interestingly enough, not everyone is so willing to chime in and make their thoughts know because not everyone wants to get involved in a good cause unless the outcome affects them directly in a positive manner. Mila gets it. The publisher gets it. Everyone has their own level of tolerance, risk and pain they can stand to handle and some just want to live a quiet life; wake up, take care of their kids, go to work, come home, have a nice vacation, eat something good, get some rest, and repeat, and generally want to be left alone. It is not until something bad happens and then they speak up and get involved. That's normal for 80% of the population and the other 20% actually stay more involved. It's ok. That's the bell curve and the norm. More to come.. stay tuned in and be radical and send an anonymous review, a sentence or two is more than enough.

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