The Appellant

Today, The Present - The present is called that for a reason (if you know the angelic poetic answer). Regarding The Appellant, what is being done today that is of great public interest in pursuit of fairness, balance, truth, sense of urgency, and ethics. Do prosecutors and defense attorneys possess any of these traits and if not, then did they only care to learn and apply them in law school? What about our politicians who were once defending the law in some courtroom capacity who are now state governors or other forms of public service wielding certain power and nearly unlimited resources regardless of their false claims of budget woes. How can every day be another well documented and published step forward for our society in terms of the next "Appellant" getting a fair shake, trial, hearing, pardon, the system? Should all politicians and those who hold public office report to their customers aka constituents on a weekly and monthly basis their successes and failures based on well thought out and needed mission and goals? The same goes for The Appellant who needs to know if their appeal, case, hearing, story is making progress.

more to come...

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